NORM 13 Symposia Include:

  1. Organic Chemistry-Including the Cope Scholar Event

  2. Industrial Chemistry

  3. Materials Chemistry

  4. Food Chemistry

  5. Online Education

  6. Women Chemists

  7. Analytical Chemistry

  8. Undergraduate Research

  9. High School Science Teachers

  10. Physical Chemistry

  11. Nuclear Chemistry

  12. Biochemistry

Symposia Descriptions

Monday, July 22 (All Day Session)- Keynote Lectures in Physical Chemistry Symposium

Main Keynote by Richard Mathies (UC Berkeley)

Philip Reid (U. Washington)

Nien-Hui Ge (UC Irvine)

Monday, July 22 (Morning Session)- Recent Advances in Natural Products Synthesis and Reaction Development

John Wood (Anchor / keynote speaker for Morning session - Colorado State University/Baylor University)

Sarah Reisman (Cal Tech)

Chris Beaudry (Oregon State University)

Rob Britton (Simon Fraser)

Greg O'Neil (Western Washington)

Monday, July 22 (Afternoon Session)-Cope Scholar Symposium in honor of Jin-Quan Yu

Jin-Quan Yu (2012 Cope Scholar - Scripps)

Matt Sigman (Utah)

Shih-Yuan Liu (Oregon)

Gojko Lalic (Washington)

Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong (Oregon State University)

Monday, July 22 (Evening Session)- Keynote Lecture from Neal Anderson

Tuesday, July 23 (Morning Session) - Cope Scholar Symposium in honor of Yi Tang

Yi Tang (2012 Cope Scholar - UCLA)

Brad Moore (UCSD – Scripps Oceanography)

Eric Schmidt (Univ. of Utah)

Kerry McPhail (OSU)

Kevin Reynolds (PSU)

Tuesday, July 23 (Afternoon Session)- Recent Advances in Process Chemistry (Chaired by Neal Anderson)

Brenda Burke (Gilead)

Josh Dunetz (Pfizer)

Roger Hanselmann (Rib-X)

Adam Looker (Vertex)

Travis Remarchuk (Genentech)

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