ACS Career Management & Development

Finding Your Path

Monday 7/22 9:30-11:30 AM LaSells Stewart Ag. Science

ACS Career PathwaysTM is a carefully researched and designed program that helps you find a career pathway and a job in the chemical sciences that’s right for you. This proprietary program was custom developed by ACS in collaboration with career experts in the chemical sciences. Moreover, it is delivered exclusively by certified ACS career consultants for the benefit of ACS members only. The workshop will be facilitated by ACS Career Consultant Dr. Mark Frishberg, Chair Elect & Alternate Councilor of the California Local Section.

Dr. Frishberg will also be available to provide one-on-one résumé reviews and career assistance from 1- 5 PM.    Appointments are 30-minutes in duration.    Please bring a copy of your résumé with you to your session. Sign up will be available in the career workshop room.

Political Update: Activities in Washington DC that Impact Chemistry and Basic Research

Presented by Dr. Ryan Davison Lead Policy Associate, ACS Office of Public Affairs

Tuesday 2:30 PM CH2M Hill/Johnson Lounge

This workshop will address:

      1. a general political update about the current dynamics/dysfunction on Capitol Hill

    1. a specific political update about the members of Congress and committees that most effect science and research

    1. legislative update about recent/current bills in Congress most relevant to chemists and researchers

As lead policy associate at the American Chemical Society, where he advocates for legislation that sup- ports the chemical science, Ryan spends most of his time on Capitol Hill meeting with lawmakers and their staff, attending Congressional hearings, and monitoring bills relevant to the ACS. Ryan possesses a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), allowing him to personally highlight the importance of science research to Congress, which is overwhelmingly dominated by individuals with backgrounds in business and law. Before joining the ACS Ryan served as a Science Policy Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences, a Biosecurity Analyst at the Federation of American Scientists, and an adjunct science professor at George Washington University.


                                                                                Monday 10:30am-Noon

                                                                                LaSells Stewart Wells Fargo

Virtual chemistry experiments

  1. Richer and realistic experiments

  1. Richer, realistic content

  1. Improved instructional outcomes

  1. Easy set up and intuitive user interface


  1. Efficient and cost effective

Our experienced instructors and programmers have created virtual tools which respond realistically and faithfully reproduce the look and feel of a real laboratory environment. These virtual tools incorporate random measurement errors, allow analysis and characterization of unknown compounds, and involve a realistic application of modern methodology.

Online chemistry labs allow students to apply and understand important modern techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance, osmometry, or nuclear activation analysis that are rarely, if ever, available to undergraduate students. Exhibitor No. 12.

Presenter: Dr. Michael Schuyler    541.231.0934

                                                                                Tuesday 10:00

                                                                                CH2M Hill Willamette A/B

This workshop will highlight experiments for advanced high school, general, and organic chemistry courses. The workshop will feature our popular handheld data-collection solution, LabQuest 2. You will also be able to view and analyze data collected on LabQuest 2 using Graphical Analysis for iPad, or on any device with a supported browser using Vernier Data Share. Rotate through stations to explore our new instruments–all excellent choices for organic and general chemistry laboratory classrooms. Investigate spectroscopy with our SpectroVis Plus VIS-NIR CCD array spectrophotometer/fluorometer. Conduct gas chromatography experiments with our improved Vernier Mini GC Plus. Use the Vernier Melt Station to determine the melting temperature of solid substances. Explore optical rotation using the Chemical Polarimeter. Appropriate for college and high school chemistry. Exhibitor No. 2.

Presenter: Elaine Nam    888.837.6437

                                                                                Tuesday 2:00 PM

                                                                                CH2M Hill Cascade Ballroom C

The picoSpin-45 proton NMR spectrometer is a true breakthrough in chemical instrumentation. Now you can afford a dedicated NMR spectrometer for your research, for your process, or for your classroom. Come learn more about picoSpin-45.  Exhibitor No. 20.

Presenter: Michael Landowski    360.753.3059